About Janelle


For as long as I can remember, I have been in awe of the beauty industry. From my early days of cutting my little sister's hair, to playing "spa" with a fairly believable faux European accent, I would mix and blend potions and pastes and apply them to my obliging mother's face. Through my junior high and high school years I took pride in painting my friends faces and nails, helping them achieve the perfect "gnarly bangs." The natural progression was to turn my fascination into an occupation. 

Twenty-six years, one bachelors degree, countless hours of styling, waxing, exfoliating, & massaging have led me to where I am today—exhausted some days, exhilarated others. But still, just as passionate and breathless about the business of beauty, as that first day I chopped off my little sister's bangs (thanks sis)! 

The Trove Total Body Studio is an embodiment of a lifetime of passion for people, and helping them achieve an enhanced sense of self. While contemplating the perfect name for my studio, I stumbled across the phrase "treasure trove". The definition of a trove is a treasure that has not yet been discovered. I began to see that as not only a working business name, but, a personal philosophy to guide my life experience. Each day, every person, all sights, sounds, experiences—good or bad—are a treasure waiting to be discovered. My goal is for each client that visits The Trove Total Body Studio to leave feeling as though they have found-even the simplest of treasures, for themselves.