Back and Neck

To maintain balance in those areas where stress can take it's biggest toll, this massage uses specialty arnica oil and techniques to release the muscles of the shoulder, neck, jaw and scalp. Helpful for those that suffer migraines, and TMJ. The result? Less tension, fewer headaches, and more balance for your life. 
45 minutes - $50
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Restore balance; improve circulation, and eliminate blockages with the ancient art of reflexology. This healing practice applies pressure to points on the hands and feet, which correspond to specific points in the body. You will leave feeling less sluggish and with restored energy. 
30 minutes - $50
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Let go as this quieting massage soothes muscles and releases the body. Nurturing movements gently and completely relax both body and mind. 
60 minutes - $80
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A dynamic massage that begins with invigorating dry brushing techniques that stimulate circulation. Invigorating massage restores blood flow to tissue, and awakens the entire body. You will leave focused and re-energized. 
75 minutes - $85
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Release tight muscles and get a jump-­‐start on the healing process. This treatment used specialty arnica & rose hip massage oils and is ideal for both the serious athlete and the weekend warrior. Muscles are soothed using a combination of massage and stretching to ease exertion stress. This keeps toxins released and all athletes at peak performance. 
90 minutes - $110
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When life overwhelms you, get away from it all with this massage. Soothing massage strokes, lavender aromatherapy massage oil and warming massage stones create a mind-calming setting that is just what the body needs to restore balance. 
90 minutes - $90
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Sinus trouble got you seeing double? This treatment is good as a stand-alone service, or may be added to any massage or facial service. Aromatherapy oils, specialized massage techniques for the face and neck and soothing warm vapor are just the relief you are looking for.
30 minutes - $30
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